Our Services

Disease diagnosis and treatment

Panaquatic provides a range of disease investigation and diagnostic services for aquatic animal populations, as well as expertise in the successful control, treatment and management of these diseases.

Biosecurity and risk mitigation

Panaquatic provides biosecurity advice to individuals, governments and companies, wishing to develop and implement cost effective and practical measures to  minimise the entry or spread of disease into facilities and between waterways.

Fish quality and welfare

Panaquatic has been closely involved in fish welfare issues in Australia for many years and are continually assisting in the development of the recreational, commercial and aquaculture welfare standards.

Training and education

Panaquatic provides aquatic animal health training to veterinary science and science students, as well as  conduct on-site training to aquaculture facilities around Australia and with international aquatic animal pathologists.

Policy and Expert Witness advice

Panaquatic provides Expert Testimony on matters appearing before the Magistrates and Supreme Courts where there are issues concerning aquatic animal health and disease.